Meaningful EKG evaluations

High-quality reports provide you with the best possible and effective support

HaaS © provides meaningful ECG reports for better diagnoses

Our service portal networks your practice / clinic with intelligent algorithms, certified ECG specialists and every recorded heartbeat. The networked collaboration enables the data to be checked multiple times using algorithms and certified ECG specialists. The practice / clinic has the data for every single heartbeat and the report details.

After receiving the sensor, we will prepare the examination report for you. This consists of the following analysis steps:

Data analysis with the help of artificial intelligence (AI):

Our self-learning DNN algorithms classify rhythms and events with high sensitivity. Corresponding studies with actual patients have been published.

Our certified ECG specialists prepare the technical report:

Our data cleansing is secure thanks to the double control of self-learning algorithms and our certified ECG specialists. Our certified ECG specialists create a technical report with key figures, rhythm and event examples as well as individual comments.

Expertise of the treating practice / clinic :

The practice / clinic has full data access and can check our results one more time and adjust the reports.


VHFli / Fla






Report service - the advantages

You can choose between the following report types. Decide for yourself which report type suits you better.

HaaS ©  default

HaaS © Standard:

✓ Time -saving draft report : evaluation using self-learning DNN algorithms with high sensitivity and certified ECG specialists

Control by the practice / clinic : data access for every heartbeat and report details

HaaS ©  InSight

in addition to HaaS © Standard:

Fast control through active report elements: one click to all data details

More information through special reports : Lorenz plot, heart rate variability, QT analysis, VES morphology analysis.


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